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Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver, Software Support for OS Windows, Macintosh, and Linux – The Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office All-In-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Machine is ideal for mobile printing, its features include the Canon PRINT app, which allows you to print or scan photos and documents from your compatible mobile device. The wireless all-in-one printer’s Wi-Fi connection lets you print from virtually anywhere. You can also connect the printer to your computer via USB. This Canon inkjet printer’s Quick Start feature gets you up and running in a matter of seconds after powering up.

Canon PIXMA MX490

Canon PIXMA MX490

You can also copy and scan all of your documents using this Canon PIXMA MX490 easily and conveniently. With the Auto Sheet Feeder, it can handle up to 100 sheets of paper at once, so you will be able to easily load them in your printer. The maximum resolution that you can get from this printer is 4800 dpi with the color printing function. You may also choose to print borderless photos using this printer, so your photo prints will look really beautiful and amazing.

Canon PIXMA MX490 Printer configuration

The Canon PIXMA MX490 Series is an exclusive wireless inkjet office-all-in-one printer that gives high performance, reliability and real comfort of use for your business.

With Google Cloud Print and AirPrint, you can now print wirelessly from a compatible smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the office. It also includes a built-in Wi-Fi with Fax and ADF for printing, copying and scanning capabilities.

In addition, the optional XL ink cartridges mean you can replace them less frequently – ideal if you print frequently – while automatic double-sided printing means you can save paper costs by printing on both sides of the page.


This desktop printer/copier/scanner is designed to be easy to use and affordable. That said, there are some important things to know about the Canon PIXMA MX490 before you buy it. Here are several tips that will help you get the most out of your new printer:

  • You get a lot more prints with this printer than you do with competing models. In fact, Canon estimates the cost per page at 4 cents for black-and-white prints and 8 cents for color prints. That’s great news if you’ll be printing a lot of photos and documents.
  • This printer is designed for low volume use. If you print more than 1,000 pages per month, it may not have enough horsepower for your needs.
  • The ink cartridges can be difficult to install in this machine. It’s not really a problem once you figure out how it works, but it can take some trial and error at first.


  • Load your original print side up on the platen glass or face down on the document feeder.
  • Open the operation panel, and then press the Copy button.
  • Select the copy settings you want to use.
  • Press Black or Color to begin copying.


How to Scan a Document Using Canon PIXMA MX490 Printer with IJ Scan Utility?

  1. Scanning using the IJ Scan Utility is recommended for the following cases.
  2. When you want to scan multiple documents at one time and save them in one PDF file.
  3. When you want to scan multiple documents at one time and save them in separate files.
  4. When you select Auto Scan, the scan type and save settings are automatically selected for you based on the item type. You can also specify settings manually.

Specification Procedures for Canon PIXMA MX490 driver setup

Before we proceed with the procedures on how you can install the Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Setup, it is a must that you download first the software. You can access and download this by going to

  1. Open Control Panel, then go to System and Click Security. Next, please select System and choose Device Manager option.
  2. Double-click on the Printer and Devices option.
  3. Double-click on the Canon IJ Printer series, then click Yes and then OK.
  4. Next, pick the Add printer driver option and click Next.
  5. Afterward, Ensure that your printer is powered on then connect the USB cable from your printer to your computer device when the installation wizard prompts you to plug in the cable into your computer device or laptop. If there is no problem, then it will detect your model of printer automatically, but if it does not detect your printer model automatically, please click here for more information on how to manually select your model of printer.

Setting up the printer

Before setting up the printer, you need to first make sure that the printer is not connected to a power outlet. If the printer is already connected to a power outlet, turn off the printer, then disconnect the power cable.

Press and hold down the ON button until you hear a beep sound. The LED light will flash. Press and hold down both the Stop/Reset button and ON button at the same time for five seconds. The LED light will continue flashing and let go of both buttons once you hear a beep sound.

Press and hold down the ON button again until you hear another beep sound from your printer. Let go of the ON button once you have heard a second beep sound from your printer and wait for it to complete its initialization process.

Installing the Software

The software installation process is simple and straight forward. The printer will be recognized as a USB device, and a driver for the printer will be installed automatically. The driver can also be installed manually by searching for it on the internet or through the installation CD that comes with the printer.

The printer can also be connected wirelessly through a Wifi router. For this to happen, you need to have an active internet connection in your house, office or wherever you want to install the printer. A computer with an Ethernet port should also be present in order to configure the printer using a wired connection. This is because you need to connect the computer and the printer using a LAN cable while setting up the wireless connection between them.

Installing the Ink Cartridges

After installing and connecting the printer, you need to install ink cartridges before printing anything. The ink cartridges play a very important role in determining how much quality can be achieved during printing. There are two black colored cartridges (PG-245XL and CL-246XL) and three different color cartridges (PG-243 and CL-244) that come with this model of Canon printers. These cartridges are sold separately, depending on your requirement.

Installing the driver using CD-ROM(Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver software CD)

How to install the software from CD-ROM?

When you have a box for the printer, you can usually find the driver disk for the printer inside of it. If you could not get the drivers from Canon directly, follow these steps to install your printer with the installation CD.

  1. Insert Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver CD disk into the CD/DVD drive on your computer, and run the setup wizard of CD, and follow their instructions to install it.
  2. Now connect the Canon PIXMA MX490 printer USB cable to computer, when installer wizard asks (Note: Do not plug before asking). Wizard will analyzing when you connect it. After recognized the printer, it will automatically go to further steps. Note: Wait until it’s finished detection of printer.
  3. Follow the wizard instructions to finish it.

Downloading the Driver without CD-ROM

  • Downloading the Driver without CD-ROM
  • Please follow the steps below to download the driver without CD-ROM.
  • On your computer, open a web browser (such as Safari or Internet Explorer).
  • Type  web Official in the address bar and press Enter to access our website.
  • Click Drivers & Downloads, select a product category, and click Go. You may also search for the printer model name or number in the Enter your model name or number box and click Go.
  • Select your printer model from the list of search results, and then click your preferred language from the Language dropdown menu.
  • Click Download under Canon MX490 series Full Driver & Software Package to download the driver on your computer.
  • Once completed, double click on the file which you downloaded beforehand to start installing it on your computer.

Installing the printer software without CD-ROM(ONLINE)

  1. Search for the MX490 series on the Canon website, and then download its driver.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process. (If you have not installed it yet, follow the instructions on your computer.)
  3. Open Printers & Scanners settings in System Preferences, click the plus (+) button at the bottom of the printer list, and then select your printer from the list.

This can be a good resource for setting up your MX490 printer.

This guide will help you get started with your new MX490 printer

  1. With the printer turned off, open the paper output tray and then the paper output cover.
  2. Remove the protective materials (tape, packing material, etc).
  3. Open the paper output tray extension and fan the stack of paper well to avoid paper jams and misfeeds. Place the stack of paper in the cassette with the print side facing down (the side without printing) and slide it all the way in until it stops. Close the paper output tray extension.
  4. Load one sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the auto sheet feeder, then press OK to start charging ink. This process takes up to two minutes to complete. When printing starts, wait until it completes before closing any covers
  5. Make sure that you have installed a compatible ink tank in each ink tank position on the print head holder, then insert it into its holder as far as possible until it clicks into place.

Software and printer driver series Canon PIXMA MX490 can also be utilised/set up the following PIXMA printer varieties:

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