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Opening the Maintenance Tool (Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool) (Windows), How do I open the IJ Printer Assistant Tool? This is an application used to perform printer maintenance or change the settings of the printer. When MP Drivers are installed, the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool is also installed. To install only the Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool, access the Canon website and download the software.

Driver/Software Details

  • Filename: pat_-win-1_20_1-ea34_2.exe
  • Version: 1.20.1
  • Size: 8.70 MB
  • Languages:  Multilanguage
  • Post Date: 06/10/2019
  • Download

Environment Operating System

  • Windows 10 (32-64bit)
  •  Windows 8.1(32-64bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later(32-64bit)

Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool

IJ Printer Assistant Tool Windows OS

The Canon IJ Printer Assistant is a software application that allows you to make your printing experience more convenient and productive. This software package is designed to help you with all of your printing tasks, including scanning, copying, and faxing. It’s compatible with all Windows operating systems and can be downloaded free from the Canon website.

What Is An IJ Printer Assistant?

The name “Canon IJ Printer Assistant” is somewhat misleading since it’s not just for printers! This program actually includes a variety of different tools, including:

ScanCenter: This tool helps you scan documents, photos, and other papers into digital files on your computer so they can be stored or accessed digitally. It also has features like automatic edge detection to make sure no important information gets cut off when scanning documents or photos. You can even set up scan profiles that will automatically save certain file types in certain folders.

Copy Center: Copy Center makes it easy to copy documents using your printer. It will tell you how many copies of each page need to be made and how much paper that will use up while doing so (this way you don’t run out at an inconvenient time!). It also lets you choose how many copies of each

How to Use Canon IJ Printer Assistant Tool?

  1. Canon IJ PAT can be started in the following ways.
  2. Click the Maintenance and Preferences icon in the Maintenance tab of the printer driver.
  3. Click IJ-Printer-Assistant-Tool in the Canon Utilities from All apps (or Apps, All Programs) in the Windows Start menu.

Applicable Models

PIXMA E200 series
PIXMA E300 series
PIXMA E3100 series
PIXMA E4200 series
PIXMA G1400 series
PIXMA G1500 series
PIXMA G2400 series
PIXMA G2500 series
PIXMA G3400 series
PIXMA G3500 series
PIXMA G4400 series
PIXMA G4500 series
PIXMA G5000 series
PIXMA G6000 series
PIXMA GM2000 series
PIXMA TR4500 series
PIXMA TR7500 series
PIXMA TR8500 series
PIXMA TS200 series
PIXMA TS300 series
PIXMA TS3100 series
PIXMA TS5100 series
PIXMA TS6100 series
PIXMA TS6200 series
PIXMA TS700 series
PIXMA TS8100 series
PIXMA TS8200 series
PIXMA TS9100 series
PIXMA TS9500 series

The Canon IJ Printer Assistant is a software program that comes with your Canon printer. The IJ Printer Assistant provides you with the following features:

  • Printing and scanning using a USB cable
  • Scanning to an email address
  • Document management functions
  • File conversion from PDF to JPG, TIFF, BMP, and other file formats
  • Warp-free printing with automatic two-sided printing support


  • Performs print head cleaning.
  • Print head cleaning removes any blockage in the print head nozzles.
  • Perform cleaning when printing becomes faint, or a specific color fails to print, even though all ink levels are sufficiently high.


Deep Cleaning

  • Performs deep cleaning.
  • Perform deep cleaning when two Cleaning attempts do not resolve the print head problem.


Print Head Alignment

  • Print head alignment corrects the installation positions of the print head and improves deviated colors and lines.
  • Align the print head immediately after installing the print head.


Nozzle Check

  • Prints a nozzle check pattern.
  • Perform this function if printing becomes faint or a specific color fails to print. Print a nozzle check pattern, and check whether the print head is working properly.
  • If the print result for a specific color faints, or if there are any unprinted sections, click Cleaning to clean the print head.
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