Printing with AirPrint on a Mac

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Printing with AirPrint on a Mac (Screenshots are taken from MacOS 10.13.4)

The look/layout may differ very slightly from your screen depending on the version of operating system you have installed; however, the functionality will be the same.

  1. Check that your Canon printer is turned on and is connected to the same wireless network (sometimes referred to as WLAN) as your Mac.
  2. Double click on the “System Preferences” icon
  3. Click the “Printers & Scanners” icon.
  4. Click the “+” symbol.
  5. Select the AirPrint printer you want to add.
    This will be located under “Nearby Printers”.
    (In this example we have selected the TS9100 series).
  6. The selected printer will be added to the printers list.If you are experiencing issues with your PIXMA printer when using Apple AirPrint please refer to the troubleshooting section of this guide.
  7. Once added, to print using your AirPrint printer within an application, simply click “File” & then “Print”.
  8. With the newly added printer selected, set your required print settings & then click on “Print”.

Printing from an AirPrint-enabled Printer with Mac

Using AirPrint to print from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. AirPrint enables you to print photos, email, Web pages and documents from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac without the need to install drivers, or download apps or software.

Checking Your Environment

First, check your environment.

AirPrint Operation Environment

  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running the latest version of iOS
  • Mac running the latest version of Mac OS



  • The iOS device or Mac and the printer must be connected to the same network over a LAN or connected directly without wireless router.

Adding Printer as AirPrint Printer to Your Mac

  1. Open System Preferences, and select Printers & Scanners (Print & Scan) on your Mac.
  2. Select + to display the printer list.
  3. Select the printer’s name listed as Bonjour Multifunction.
  4. Select Secure AirPrint or AirPrint from Use.
  5. Select Add.

Printing with AirPrint from Mac

  • Make sure printer is turned on.
  • If the printer’s Auto Power On function is enabled, the printer is turned on automatically when it receives the print data.
  • Load paper.
  • Perform printing on your application software.
  • Print dialog appears.
  • Select your model name added as AirPrint printer from the Printer list in the Print Dialog.
  • Set the paper size, media type, and other settings as needed.
  • Select Print.