How To Download Canon IJ Scan Utility?

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How to Download Canon IJ Scan Utility? Canon offers a variety of scanner software for its numerous scanners that can be used on various operating systems. The software installs on a computer system or laptop and is the conduit between the scanner and the user. Scanner utilities determine what commands are sent to a scanner, and receive data from the scanner.

Therefore, it is vital that the correct version of software is installed for each specific scanner. What Do I Need? This tutorial will work for all scanners by Canon, as long as you have access to the scanner’s installation CD. If you do not have the installation CD then you cannot use the latest version of IJ Scan Utility. You do not need anything else to complete this tutorial. You will not need to download files or install any programs apart from those provided by Canon.

Download scanner software from the official Canon website Section

To use a scanner with your Canon printer, you need to download the scanner software first. You can find Canon IJ Scan Utility on the Canon website. The utility works with most Canon scanners. The scanner software is available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

To download and install the software, follow these steps:

How To Download Canon IJ Scan Utility

Go to the Canon website at  link on the right side of the page under “Support.” Click “Download Now.” Download the installer file for your computer by clicking on “Windows,” “Mac” or both options as needed. Double-click on the installer file when it’s finished downloading to begin installing it. Follow the prompts to complete installation. After installation is complete, run IJ Scan Utility from your desktop or from its folder in “Program Files.”

The Canon IJ Scan Utility is compatible with Canon’s iR series of scanners. It allows you to set up and use the scanner, as well as manage scanned documents. The program also runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

To download the Canon IJ Scan Utility, navigate to the following official Canon website:

Scan a document onto your computer through the IJ Scan Utility

The Canon IJ Scan Utility software is used to scan documents into your computer through a Canon device connected to the computer. The software is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. It allows users to scan documents, photos or other images through a variety of programs, but it also incorporates the capability to create a PDF file or a TIFF file.

The IJ Scan Utility is easy to use and does not require a lot of time to learn how to use. It can be downloaded from the Canon website free of charge with no additional installation needed. After it is downloaded, it will install automatically onto your computer and be ready for you to use immediately.

There are only five steps required in order for you to scan documents into your computer using this program. These steps include: plugging in your scanner, opening up the IJ Scan utility software, placing your document inside the scanner, adjusting settings and then scanning your document. This process takes less than 5 minutes to complete once all of the steps are completed.

With the Canon IJ Scan Utility, you can scan a document directly onto your computer through the IJ Scan Utility. This application is compatible with all known Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS X 10.2 or later. This software provides its users with a number of features, including automatic image rotation and editing capabilities. You are also able to change the resolution of images that you scan by altering the settings in this program’s menu. You may also choose to save your images in PDF format with the IJ Scan Utility. To download the Canon IJ Scan Utility, select your operating system from the list below and follow the instructions listed on that page: Canon IJ Scan Utility – Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit) Canon IJ Scan Utility – Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Import the scanned documents into an office application such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Canon IJ Scan Utility is intended for scanning documents, photos and books into your computer. Using a scanner allows you to store the scanned image on your computer or print it out. You can then import the scanned document into an office application such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

You can also view photos or documents that were scanned in by using a photo viewer application or a document application.

Canon IJ Scan Utility is installed as part of the Canon IJ Printer Driver and ScanGear software applications. The software installed automatically when Canon IJ printer drivers are installed from the driver CD-ROM or the links provided in the brochure.

Note: If you have not installed Canon IJ Printer Driver and ScanGear, please refer to Help (F1) in the Canon IJ Scan Utility for installation instructions.

Canon IJ Scan Utility may be displayed under one of these names: IJScanner with EOS Utility R3 and Canon Digital Camera Utility 3 IJScannerR3_EOS_DCC3 IJScannerR3_EOSDCC3

Link to the article called “How to Import Documents Into an Office Application“

The Canon IJ Scan Utility software allows you to import images into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other Office applications. The program is free, but it only works with Canon scanners; you’ll have to purchase the scanner separately.

Treat the Canon software as you would any other scanning application. Connect your scanner to your computer, load your document and press “scan.” You’ll see a preview of the image onscreen, and you can adjust the settings before you scan. The scanner automatically converts your image to a PDF file or JPEG file so that you can then open it in Word or Excel.

In an effort to make the process of scanning documents into an office application easier, Canon Inc. has released a software utility called IJ Scan Utility. This utility allows for the automatic importing of scanned images into any Windows application that takes advantage of Microsoft’s WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) technology.

The IJ Scan Utility is designed to allow users to scan documents into applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint without having to manually import the images into the application. The utility automatically uses the Windows TWAIN interface to import the image into your preferred application.

The IJ Scan Utility works by default with Canon’s own CanoScan LiDE series of scanners, but it should work with other WIA-compatible scanners as well. The utility is compatible with Windows XP and Vista; it can be downloaded from Canon’s website free of charge.

Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office Picture Manager (Office XP) through this link.

Download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office Picture Manager (Office XP) through this link.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a free software that allows you to scan documents and photos into your computer and save them as a file. You can also use it to crop, resize, rotate and flip images.

Troubleshoot issues with Scan Utility

When you try to scan using Scan Utility, you might receive the following error message: Can’t start scanning. Make sure your Canon ScanGear is installed correctly This error indicates that Microsoft Office Picture Manager cannot find the Canon ScanGear software on your computer. To resolve this issue, download and install the latest version of Microsoft Office Picture Manager.”

Takeaway: You can easily scan documents in just a few simple steps.

In order for you to easily scan documents and save them as PDF files, Canon has provided the Canon IJ Scan Utility. This program allows you to scan individual pages or multi-page documents into a PDF file. It also allows you to enhance images and change image quality.

To use this application, follow the steps below:

  • Install the Canon IJ Scan Utility program.
  • Connect your scanner to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the Canon IJ Scan Utility program and click on “Create PDF.”
  • In the pop-up window, select your desired settings such as resolution, color mode and page size.
  • Press the “Scan” button to start scanning your documents.
  • Once completed, you will be able to view the scanned document in its own window or with other PDF files that have been created using this utility program.

Canon IJ Scan Utility is a simple, one-stop application that makes it easy to scan documents, photos, and more. It turns your Windows PC into a scanning station capable of scanning anything from documents to photos to receipts.

Tired of having to deal with complicated scanning software?

Canon IJ Scan Utility offers an easy, one-stop solution that makes it easy to scan just about anything you need. It’s available for both Mac and Windows PCs, so you can use it on virtually any computer.

Here’s how it works: You start by plugging your Windows or Mac Canon multifunction printer or scanner into your computer via USB. Then tap the “Scan” button in the Canon IJ Scan Utility window, choose your default scanning settings, and press “Scan.” The app will open your default image editor — Adobe Photoshop Elements (Windows) or Image Capture (Mac) — and start importing the scanned document.*

The whole process is quick and simple. And since IJ Scan Utility includes features like automatic color detection, red-eye reduction, and optical character recognition (OCR), you don’t have to do any manual editing or clean up. Just place your document face down on the glass surface of your scanner and press “Scan.” The app.


The Canon IJ Scan Utility is a Canon program that allows you to scan and save images, documents and various other files from your computer’s hard drive. Once the program is downloaded, you can set it up on your machine through the help of the manual, which will have detailed instructions for each phase of setup. The manual contains instructions for installing on a Mac as well as a PC, depending on which computer you are using.