Canon Setting Wireless PIXMA MX922 – Printer Connection

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Canon Setting Wireless PIXMA MX922 Tutorial – Print and scan wirelessly from any Wi-Fi® enabled laptop or computer from your local network relationship. Wireless printing requires a functioning community with wireless 802.11b/g/n capability.

You might will need a Wi-Fi enabled Computer, a wi-fi router and also a wi-fi printer. All 3 gadgets must be connected to the identical wireless network link. Click to the distinct subject matter under to acquire depth data.

Installing Your Multifunction to Your Network for the First Time PIXMA MX922 Windows & Mac OS

Canon Setting Wireless

Canon Setting Wireless
Canon Setting Wireless

Canon Setting Wireless for Windows OS

Preparing to Connect My Multifunction To My Network

  • Network Requirements
    Before connecting the machine to the network, make sure that configuration of the computer and access point or router is
    complete, and that the computer is connected to the network.
  • Wireless Connection
    Before connecting the machine to the network, the computer needs to be connected to the network. Make sure that
    configuration of the computer and access point or router is complete.

Notes on Network Connection

  • The configuration, router functions, setup procedures and security settings of the network device vary depending on your system environment. For details, refer to your device’s instruction manual or contact its manufacturer.
  • In an office setup, consult your network administrator
  • If you connect to a network that is not protected with security measures, there is a risk of disclosing data such as your personal information to a third party.
  • If an error message appears or if you have trouble with the network connection, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.
  • Place the machine and computer on the same network segment.

Software Installation

To utilize the machine by connecting it to some laptop, software such as the drivers ought to be copied (installed) for the computer’s hard disk. The installation course of action will take about 20 minutes. (The set up time differs based on the pc natural environment or even the number of software software package being set up.)

If you do not have the pixma mx922 driver you can download it in previous post Canon Pixma MX922


  1. Log on as the administrator (or a member of the Administrators group).
  2. Quit all running applications before installation.
  3. Do not switch users during the installation process.
  4. Internet connection may be required during the installation. Connection fees may apply. Consult the internet service provider.
  5. It may be necessary to restart your computer during the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and do not remove the
  6. Setup CD-ROM during restarting. The installation resumes once your computer has restarted.
  7. If the firewall function of your security software is turned on, a warning message may appear that Canon software is attempting to access
  8. the network. If such a warning message appears, set the security software to always allow access.

Installing the PIXMA MX922 on Your Wireless Network

If you are installing your printer on your network for the first time, a step-by-step walk through of the wireless setup is built in to the installation routine of the software that shipped with your PIXMA.

Insert the Setup CD-ROM that came with your printer into your CD-ROM drive and proceed through the easy to follow instructions. You’ll be printing wirelessly in no time. Be sure to select Network Connection, then Wireless Connection on the Connection Method Selection screens.

For more details about the tutorial you can download the following PDF file