Canon imageCLASS Wifi Setup with a Windows PC

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How to set up your Canon imageCLASS Wifi Setup with a Windows PC printer on a wireless network with a Windows® computer. Let’s get started! Before connecting your printer to the network confirm that your wireless router is available and properly set up.

Wi-Fi Setup with a Windows PC for Canon imageCLASS

Connecting a Canon imageCLASS printer to your Wi-Fi network is simple, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, the printer must be turned on and connected to a power source. Second, make sure that your PC or laptop is connected to the same wireless network as the printer. Third, if you plan on using Wi-Fi Direct, then the printer and your computer must support this feature.

Finally, make sure that your printer’s Wi-Fi settings are configured correctly before trying to connect it to your network. If not, follow these steps:

Wi-Fi Setup with a Windows PC for Canon imageCLASS

  • Also, confirm that your computer is connected to the network.
  • Next, make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on.
  • The main screen will be lit when the printer is on.
  • Press the home button to wake the printer if the sleep icon is lit.
  • On the home screen tap menu.
  • If the menu doesn’t appear on your screen scroll to the left or right.
  • Tap preferences.
  • Then tap Network.
  • If prompted, enter your ID and password.
  • If you haven’t created one, the default is 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.
  • Tap wireless LAN settings.
  • Tap yes to enable the wireless LAN.
  • Review the displayed message and tap ok.
  • Tap SSID settings.
  • An SSID is your wireless network name also known as a Wi-Fi® network.
  • Tap select access point.
  • The printer will begin to search for available wireless routers. Select the Wi-Fi® network that you would like to use and tap next. Be sure to select the Wi-Fi® network that your PC is connected to.
  • Tap ok. Enter your network password. Your password is case-sensitive. Tap the up arrow key to switch to uppercase letters and the symbol key for numbers and symbols. Once the password is entered, tap apply.
  • Review the message, then tap yes to proceed.
  • When this screen appears the printer is connected to the network.
  • Tap close and then press the home button to return to the main screen.
  • Now let’s install the software.
  • Download the drivers from the Canon website by visiting us at
  • Follow these links to download the software for your printer.
  • Open the downloaded file on your computer to get started.
  • Click Next to start the installation process.
  • The License Agreement screen will be displayed.
  • Read the license agreement and if you agree to the terms, click yes to continue with the installation.
  • Select network connection, and then click Next.

If this message appears, click yes to make exceptions for the Windows Firewall, The software will begin to search for your device.

  • Select your printer from the list, then click Next.
  • Place a check in the box for each option you wish to install, and then click Next.
  • Now select each driver you wish to install, and then click Next.
  • The UFR II printer drivers are the most common and will work for most users.
  • Confirm the name of your printer and then click Next.
  • If you installed the fax drivers, this screen will appear.
  • Confirm the name of your fax, and then click Next.
  • Confirm your settings, then click start to begin the installation.
  • Now the drivers will be installed.
  • This may take several minutes.
  • When the installation is complete, this screen will appear.
  • Select a device as your default printer, and then click Next.
  • If you would like to make a test print, place a check in the box, and click exit.
  • You can skip test printing by removing the check, and clicking exit.

Congratulations! This completes the installation of your Canon imageCLASS printer to a Windows® computer using a wireless connection. Now you’re ready to print and scan.


Canon has developed Canon Easy-PhotoPrint, a software application that allows you to print your images wirelessly through a computer by connecting the printer to the computer. The printer and computer must connect to the same network to use Easy-PhotoPrint. You will be asked to input network settings at the time of installation, but if you have further questions about setting up your Wi-Fi connection for this application, please consult your User’s Guide.